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Battered Fish & Chips


Cod – 2 Pc
flounder – 2 Pc
Walleye/Pickerel – 1 PC
Halibut – 1 PC

Whiting |  Swai Catfish  |  Tilapia  |  Ocean Perch w/Fries

Cornmealed or Battered

2 Pc  Whiting


2 Pc  Tilapia


2 Pc  Swai


2 Pc  Ocean Perch


4 Pc  Whiting


4 Pc  Tilapia


4 Pc  Swai


4 Pc  Ocean Perch


Genuine USA Catfish w/Fries

Cornmealed Only

add $2.00 for each (a) fries (b) slaw (c) rice  (D) 4 Huspuppies $1.75

2 Pc USA Catfish
4 Pc USA catfish

Fish &  Shrimp Combo

fish of your choice + 5 Jumbo Shrimp + Fries (all items are fried)

Whiting |  Tilapia | Catfish Nuggets
Swai | Ocean Perch
Flounder  | cod  | USA Catfish

Jumbo Shrimp 

Grilled, Battered or Cornmealed. Add $2.00 for each (a) fries (b) slaw (c) rice  (D) 4 Huspuppies $1.75

Battered Jumbo Shrimp
Cornmealed Jumbo Shrimp
grilled Jumbo Shrimp

Grilled Half Orders

Comes with half order of salmon, snapper, grilled chicken or 5 jumbo shrimp, Cilantro-lime Rice and grilled peppers

Half Order
Grilled Salmon
Half Order
Grilled Snapper
Half Order
Grilled medit chicken
5 Grilled
Shrimp Plate

Grilled Dinners


Comes with grilled vegetables and toasted naan bread



red snapper 


10 Grilled jumbo shrimp 




Grilled Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich
 Homestyle Crispy Wings w/fries


Fried Oysters

Sides Only

cilantro Lime Rice
Grilled Vegetables
Banana Pudding

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